At the A specialist we offer 3 programs, one of which is The Daily Kitchen Clean.  We will scrub and sanitize your kitchen from top to bottom daily - well, really it's the middle of the night - and take your kitchen to a whole other level of cleanliness. With The A Specialist in your corner you will not have to worry about making your kitchen spotless - you have meals to create after all - we will do it for you so you can focus on what's important, making your customers happy.

After our experienced teams have cleaned everything - things you didn't even know were in need of cleaning - we then sterilize everything with state of the art high-tech equipment. When you work with The A Specialist you will never have to worry about E Coli and other nasty bugs.

Furthermore, we will make certain your food and facility are Compliant with the laws of the state of California so you will never have any problems with the health department. We know what to look for, after all, many of our staff at one time worked for the health department!

You are in good hands with The A Specialist, why not give us a call today: 855-448-7733


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