Anybody Can Clean, But  We Specialize In Cleaning Kitchens, & We Consistently Do It Better Than Anyone Else.

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Commercial kitchens pose unique challenges. The A Specialist has been specializing in kitchen facilities and kitchen equipment for over two decades.

We are proud of our long-term relationships with many of Southern California’s premier food preparation facilities across all market segments, from restaurants, hotels, hospitals, senior living, government, private industry, movie-studio lots to education and many others.

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In many of the at risk environments where we work, a thorough cleaning is simply not enough — the facility must be sterilized.

We utilize the latest breakthrough products in achieving a finished, immaculate environment that is 99% free of harmful bacterial agents.

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We are the only cleaning company in Southern California that has a Compliance Division. We have current and former Health Department workers on staff. Our customers have the assurance of knowing we are in their corner.

We cannot afford for your facility to receive anything less than an ‘A’ for your next regulatory agency inspection.

That is why we are The A Specialist.

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We will DEEP CLEAN your kitchen. We will STERILIZE your kitchen with state of the art equipment. And we guarantee your food and facility will be COMPLIANT.


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Who else do you work with?

We are the largest, independent cleaning company in Southern California and the only cleaning company with a compliance division.  We operate in multiple markets including hospitals, schools, government, restaurants, entertainment, senior living, office, corporate and various others. 

We are privileged to serve some of the finest representatives of each segment, including AEG, Darden, LiveNation, Disney, 20th Century Fox Studios, Aramark, Compass Group, Northrup Grumman, Brookdale Senior Living, City of Beverly Hills and many others.

Our equipment is old and stationary. How can you clean under and around it?

We often to run into this situation as many facilities are old.  Cleaning in those hard to reach spots can be done with special equipment.  The solution is NOT to blast hard to reach areas with a water hose.  That can be more harmful than helpful.

The Health Department just hit us pretty hard - mostly cleaning issues - can you help us get up to code & keep us there on a tight budget?

We have a compliance division, with current and former health department workers on staff.  We know what the Health Department looks for and the concerns that they have.  We will look at the health report and help you ameliorate the cited issues and, going forward we can incorporate a quarterly 3rd Party Health inspection with our cleaning services.  This is an inexpensive way of staying ahead of the HD.

My costs are going up. I can't afford to bring in an outside cleaning company. How can you help me clean my facility without increasing my outlay?

Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they receive a quote for services from us.  Here’s why: A) we can get your employees off the clock sooner, and B) we can look at how much you are paying for other critical services such as Exhaust system cleaning, plumbing issues, chemicals, ware-washing, power washing concrete floors or awnings, window cleaning and other necessities, and with our purchasing power and business partnerships we can frequently end up saving you money over what you are currently paying multiple companies for all of these services.

What services are included in a 'monthly' or 'quarterly deep clean'?

We don’t use cookie cutters.  No two services are alike because no two clients are alike.  Your needs are unique to you and we tailor our services to fit your needs.  That being said, some clients just want to turn all of their cleaning duties over to us and so we are there every night.  Others just need a little help and so we come once a month and do a thorough, deep clean to keep them on track.  Still others have operations that for one reason or another simply require a professional team to show up once a quarter, bi-annually or even annually and rock the place.

We can get as detailed as you want and provide power-washing, sanitizing with dry vapor machines and steam cleaners, we can clean gaskets, grout, windows, ceiling tiles, drains, locker rooms, bathrooms, emergency spills, pretty much any cleaning need you might have.

Who are The a specialist's other long term customers?

We have been cleaning commercial kitchens for the better part of two decades.  Many of the customers we started with back then are still with us today.  Along the way we have had the good fortune of servicing some of Southern California’s premier establishments.  We have a list of customers and references that is available.  Please contact us for details.

Are your employees covered by workers comp?

We maintain workers compensation on all of our workers.  Additionally, because we work in accounts that require a high degree of security and risk, we are required to carry a large amount of liability insurance – more than is necessary for many of our accounts, but it works in their benefit because they have the assurance of knowing the workers who are coming into their facility are trained and covered.

How many workers per crew?

This is completely dependent on the size and scope of the job.  The best answer we can provide is: “as many as it takes.”

How long does it typically take to clean a kitchen?

What is a typical kitchen?  Some of the kitchens we clean have dozens of chefs prepping food.  Others have one or two.  Some kitchens have never seen a professional cleaning crew and we are cleaning a facility that has been neglected for years.  BUT, if you insist on a direct answer, on average, we spend 4 to 8 hours in a kitchen with 2 to 4 workers.

Who do I contact if we have a concern or follow up question about the work?

Every account has a manager and before we start work, you will meet the manager and go over what you want done.  You may contact the manager at any time and, in fact, we often set up regular walk-throughs to make sure cleaning is being done to your satisfaction.

Do you also clean floors, windows, and furniture?

Yes, we have expertise in all of these areas and many others.  We look forward to hearing from you what your needs are.


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