It’s Midnight, You Open At 5AM, & You Have An Emergency - Time To Give Us A Call!

Kitchen 911 is the emergency division of The A specialist. If you have an urgent problem, we will fix it, and fix it fast. We know commercial kitchens, and are well aware of the countless issues that can come up that can make preparing food challenging to say the least.

From smoke clouded kitchens to the threat of vents catching fire, from clogged floor drains to broken equipment, we have the resources and  solutions to fix your problem quickly, and keep you cooking safely.

  • Immediate response

  • Our vans are loaded with the latest in cleaning technology

  • Health Department requirements implementation

  • Our workers are trained and ready to go

  • Antiseptic specialists

An essential aspect to Kitchen 911 is the vital role that sanitation plays in facilities involved in preparing food for the public.

If sanitation is not a consistent priority for a commercial kitchen, then sooner or later this issue will become an emergency situation. Whether the Health Department, a patron or the business itself triggers the call, an unsanitary kitchen is an accident waiting to happen. Our Kitchen-911 ninja cleaning teams will come to a food preparation facility and perform a top to bottom deep cleaning that will disinfect, sanitize, and transform even the dirtiest of kitchens with the latest in bio-cleaning technologies. 

Call Kitchen 911: 855.448.7733

Whether your requirements means an immediate response or you want to schedule preventative cleaning to stay ahead of potential emergencies, we have a plan to fit your budget and situation.

If Your Problem Is Not 'Code Red' But Still Urgent, You Can Choose To Email Us, & We Will Get The Ball Rolling The Following Morning: